Nephrology is a medical super specialty that deals with the functioning of and diseases related to the kidney. Kidneys are the sophisticated filtering units of the body. On an average, the kidneys of a healthy adult process about 180 litres of blood daily to dispose the extra water and waste material in the form of urine.

Any alteration or dysfunction in the anatomy or the physiology of the kidney can cause acute or chronic renal (kidney) diseases which can seriously affect the functioning of the entire body.

The Nephrology department at Lifeline Hospital offers advanced treatment for a wide range of kidney diseases. The department is a major tertiary care centre and provides comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for kidney disease at any stage, the services being at par with international standards.

Our highly dedicated team of experts in Nephrology provides holistic kidney care that is well-supported by other paramedical departments.

The treatments available at Lifeline Hospital are :

  • Management of urinary infections
  • Kidney stone
  • Chronic kidney disease

The Department of Nephrology at Lifeline Hospital comprises of state-of-the-art infrastructure, equipments with the most updated technology and a team of dedicated and skilled nephrologists and paramedical staff.